Let’s explore some of the best accessories for Thermomix to help you get the most out of your machine. The Thermomix is an incredibly versatile kitchen appliance that has taken the cooking world by storm. With capabilities like weighing, mixing, chopping, grinding, kneading, steaming, and sautéing all in one unit, it’s no wonder why millions of home cooks swear by their Thermomix machine.

But did you know that by equipping your Thermomix with the right accessories, you can unlock even more functionality and take your home cooking game to a whole new level?

From essential cleaning tools to cooking must-haves, and specialized prep gear to personalization options, read on for the top accessories that every Thermomix owner needs in their kitchen!

A Brief Background on the Different Thermomix Models

But first, let’s do a quick overview of the most popular Thermomix models – the TM31TM5, and TM6:

  • TM31 – Thermomix model launched in 2004. It features 10 speeds, heat sensors, built-in scales, and a 1.2L mixing bowl.
  • TM5 – Launched in 2014, it offers enhanced technology like a 2.2L mixing bowl, touch screen display, guided recipes, and integrated WiFi connectivity.
  • TM6 – The latest model released in 2019 with a completely revamped sleek design, full-color touch screen, precision heating and even learning features powered by artificial intelligence.

While accessories are often compatible across models, always double-check before purchasing to ensure they work with your specific Thermomix version.

Why Accessories Make All the Difference

Thermomix accessories serve many important purposes:

  • Enhance functionality – Unlock more cooking techniques like steaming, prepping, and fermenting.
  • Improve ease of use – Tools like cleaning brushes and glider boards that facilitate use.
  • Efficiency – Accessories like extra bowls and storage cases save time.
  • Customization – From stickers to foils, personalize your Thermomix.
  • Inspiration – Thermomix cookbooks offer recipe ideas to try with accessories.

With the right accouterments tailor-made to fit the Thermomix, you really can elevate your appliance into an all-in-one cooking powerhouse solution for your kitchen.

Now let’s get into the specifics of the best Thermomix accessories available on the market right now across different categories:

Thermomix Essential Cleaning Accessories

Keeping your Thermomix in tip-top hygienic condition should be a top priority for any owner. Here are some must-have cleaning accessories to properly clean and care for your appliance:

Vorwerk Thermomix Bowl Scourer

The official Vorwerk bowl scourer accessory is made of tightly wound cotton that offers just the right texture to gently remove stubborn residues without scratching or damaging the bowl surface.

It fits perfectly into the contours of the Thermomix bowl and also cleans the mixing arms with precision. The special coating is durable and long-lasting.

For best results, use Thermomix cleaning fluid and alternate scrubbing motions.

“I no longer dread cleaning the Thermomix bowl thanks this non-abrasive bowl scourer. It leaves no scratches yet still manages to remove all the caked-on grime.”

Slider Mat

Slider Mat is an often overlooked but incredibly handy accessory. Also known as a sliding board, this creates a smooth surface between countertops for you to effortlessly move heavy Thermomix models like the TM6 across your workspace.

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The ridges on the bottom grip the tiny feet of the Thermomix securely to prevent accidental slipping or toppling over, which could damage the sensitive built-in scale. This keeps both your counters and machine protected.

Available in a few color options like classic white, sleek black, or vibrant red. Match your kitchen’s aesthetics!

“I don’t have bulging biceps so couldn’t shift my TM6 easily before getting the glider board. Now I can use my Thermomix comfortably anywhere in my kitchen!”

Thermomix Travel Case with Wheels

For Thermomix owners who find themselves cooking frequently or traveling a lot, a sturdy travel case is an essential accessory.

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Look for a luggage-style case on wheels with durable fabric and padding that will protect your Thermomix from bumps or accidental drops during transit. Interior straps should securely hold the unit in place and prevent it from weighing down on the delicate scales underneath, which could throw calibrations off.

There should also be ample side compartments to hold accessories, recipe chips, or cookbooks. Some cases even have built-in chargers!

“I bring my Thermomix with me when visiting family since their kitchen tools are so inadequate! Having this reliable travel case keeps my machine safe and all accessories neatly organized.”

Specialized Thermomix Cooking & Prep Accessories

Let’s move on to some accessories targeted specifically at cooking and food preparation tasks…

TM6 Blade Cover and Potato Peeler Set

One extremely useful but not very widely known Thermomix accessory is this 2-in-1 blade cover and potato peeler set.

The clear plastic cover encases the blades safely to transform your Thermomix into a makeshift slow cooker. Remove the mixing bowl with covered blades then insert into the Varoma for splash-free simmering.

It also allows increasing the max fill capacity beyond the standard bowl’s 2.2L/2.8L mark which is perfect for preparing large batches of soups or stews.

The accompanying horizontal potato peeler attaches securely to the mixer’s arms for hands-free operation.

“I love being able to drop everything into the Thermomix bowl, snap on the blade cover then come back hours later to a perfectly cooked stew or pot roast without needing to monitor it constantly.”

Stainless Steel Thermomix Food Processor Set

Chopping or pureing large quantities of ingredients can be tough work for the standard Thermomix blades.

That’s where a heavy-duty food processor attachment comes in very handy! With multi-directional razor-sharp stainless steel blades coupled with a slicing/grating disc and mini chopper bowl, this set can power through vegetables, nuts, fruits, or meats effortlessly.

The assembled attachment locks securely onto the mixer arms with a twist-and-click motion. Operation is smooth and vibration-free even at the highest speed 10. All components are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

“I use my Thermomix food processor almost daily to make nut butters, homemade hummus or to prep large salads. So much faster than using my old standalone processor!”

Varoma Tray

No Thermomix owner should be without the Varoma! This stainless steel steaming tray expands your machine’s cooking capacity tremendously – you can prepare entire meals from starters to desserts simultaneously.

Varoma trays come with perforated inserts allowing the hot steam to infuse dishes evenly with moisture and flavor. Stackable trays mean fitting multiple food items.

Use it for healthy steaming of vegetables, seafood, tamales, curries, cakes, and more while the main dishes are cooked below simultaneously.

“I love how the Varoma tray lets me prepare our entire family meal in one go. I can steam fish on top while rice cooks below at the perfect timing.”

Jumbo 2.5L Bread Baking Tin

Homemade breads always taste superior to store-bought loaves. With this extra-large 2.5L bread tin custom-made for Thermomix machines, you can whip up beautiful artisanal boules, braided bread, or sandwich loaves effortlessly.

The non-stick coating ensures your dough slides out smoothly post-baking without deflating or tearing. The loaf tin comes with a securely fitting lid too which helps sandwich breads bake tall and even.

Make the most of your Thermomix’s dough-kneading prowess to create Instagram-worthy masterpieces!

“I’ve always struggled with bread recipes before getting the Thermomix but now with this perfect-sized bread tin, my sourdough boules come out flawless every single time.”

Thermomix Mixing Bowl Set

Another worthwhile investment is getting additional mixing bowls for your Thermomix. Extra bowls allow you to prep ingredients for your next recipe while the Thermomix finishes up the current dish.

Opt for bowls that enable effortless transfer of mixtures into the Thermomix container with pour spouts. Lidded bowls help keep prepped items fresh.

Look for mixing bowls made specifically for Thermomix models with non-slip rubber bases that keep them stabilized on countertops. Easy-grip handles facilitate lifting and pouring.

“Having multiple mixing bowls has been a game-changer! No more waiting around for the Thermomix bowl to free up – I can prep ahead and reduce total cooking time substantially.”

Fun Thermomix Personalization Accessories

Beyond just culinary functionality, who doesn’t enjoy adding some personal flair to their beloved kitchen tools?

Thermomix offers fantastic options for customization and self-expression…

Thermomix Skins & Sticker Set

Personalize your Thermomix with fun skins & stickers! Available in a huge range of colors, patterns, and designs, skins are made of high-quality scratch-resistant vinyl that adhere smoothly onto the mixer’s exterior bowl and lid.

Scalloped edges ensure a flawless fit without peeling or bubbles for seamless integration. The glossy finish protects from minor scuffs and fingerprints too.

Accompanying sticker sets allow further opportunities for creativity – use names, quotes, custom images, or even your photos! Display your unique style.

“I love changing up my Thermomix look to match my kitchen decor for fall, holidays or even just when I’m feeling funky! The skins and stickers make it so fun.”

Thermomix Touch Screen Protective Foil

For owners of high-tech models like the TM6, an often overlooked must-have accessory is a protective display foil.

Since you’ll be constantly touching the screen to toggle through menus, recipes, or weighing food on the in-built scale, it is bound to collect fingerprints, oil splatters, or micro-abrasions over time.

Investing in a shatter-proof display foil helps defend the sensitive capacitive touch screen from daily wear and tear. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane, it resists yellowing while retaining seamless touch responsiveness.

The adhesive ensures zero bubbles for a smooth fit that appears invisible. It keeps your prized Thermomix interface scratch-free.

“I can’t believe I went without a screen protector for so long! My TM6 display looks as flawless as the day I unboxed it thanks to the foil.”

Top Thermomix Accessories & Attachments by Brands

Official Vorwerk Thermomix Accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for your Thermomix, you generally have the option of official Thermomix-branded accessories from Vorwerk or third-party alternatives produced by other companies.

As the original manufacturer, Vorwerk offers guaranteed compatibility and stringent quality control having designed accessories specifically tailored for Thermomix models.

Their accessories also tend to boast better after-sales support coverage under your existing Thermomix warranty and customer service channels. This provides greater peace of mind albeit usually at premium prices.

Some of Vorwerk’s most popular Thermomix accessories include:

  • Thermomix Cook Key
  • Thermomix Cooking Apron
  • Thermomix RezeptchipTray
  • Thermomix Cookbooks
  • Thermomix Spatulas
  • Thermomix Recipe Chips

Third-Party Thermomix Accessories

On the flip side, there are now a ton of third-party Thermomix accessories produced by brands other than Vorwerk that offer compelling value-for-money alternatives too.

These accessories are reverse-engineered for seamless compatibility with Thermomix models and come in at more budget-friendly price points, though build quality and durability may be hit-and-miss.

Do your research by reading online reviews before purchasing to ensure the third-party accessory works as advertised. Reputable brands offering quality Thermomix accessories include:

  • ThermoHeaven
  • TM Life
  • Mixo
  • MonkeyInMyBowl
  • Amazon Basic
  • ThermoBrush

Thermomix Cleaning Brush

Specialized cleaning brushes are vital for removing food residues from tricky crevices under the Thermomix mixing arms. These brushes are sturdy, that can dislodge stuck bits without damaging the bowl blades.

The ThermoBrush is made for all models and tackles that hard-to-reach space under the blade. They are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

“I find using the ThermoBrush gets my blade way cleaner than just soap and water alone.”

When in doubt, reach out to the brand’s customer support channels for compatibility questions before hitting the order button.

Must-Have Cooking Accessories for Thermomix Recipes

Beyond model-specific accessories, here are some universal kitchen tools that will make cooking various dishes with your Thermomix a breeze:

  • Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Instant Read Thermometer
  • Meat Pounder
  • Fine Mesh Strainers
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Meal Prep Containers
  • Silicone Spatulas
  • Greaseproof Baking Paper
  • Digital Timer

Invest in reliable gadgets for portioning, monitoring doneness, straining mixtures, storage, and other critical tasks that accompany many Thermomix recipes. top-notch cooking results.

Cleaning and Caring For Your Thermomix Accessories

Now that you’ve acquired all these great Thermomix accessories, proper maintenance is key to ensuring their longevity.

Here are some cleaning tips:

  • Handwash soft accessories like silicone spatulas and bowl scrapers instead of dishwashing
  • Use mild detergent and soft sponges only
  • Rinse and dry accessories thoroughly after washing
  • Avoid metal scourers or abrasive chemicals
  • Store accessories in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight

Do not disregard care instructions that come with Thermomix accessories as going against guidelines could void your warranty.

Final Thoughts on Elevating Your Cooking with Thermomix Accessories

Accessories for the Thermomix are incredibly varied, spanning multiple price points and functionalities. Investing in the right supporting tools and cookware pieces can take your appliance to the next level.

Focus first on essential accessories like cleaning brushes, glider boards, and travel bags to get the basic maintenance and portability covered.

Then explore specialized cooking attachments like food processors, Varoma sets, and jumbo bread tins that unlock myriad menu possibilities your machine can whip up effortlessly.

And don’t forget small but useful items like extra mixing bowls, silicon mats, and scraper spatulas that seriously step up your meal-prepping game for everyday cooking needs.

Finally, accessorize your beloved kitchen helper with personalized skins, foils, and stickers so your Thermomix reflects your unique style sensibilities too!

Whatever your needs and budget, there is a vast range of accessories that will help you get so much more from your Thermomix. Here’s to happy shopping and upgrading your home cooking experience!