ThermoBrush – The Easy Way To Clean

Hello and welcome to our Sales Page for our Patented ThermoBrush. Designed to get into the gap under the blades of the Thermomix!

We have 2 Brushes currently available. A brush for the TM31, and a brush for the TM5. Both blades are similar and work the same, but there is a slight difference between the size of the gap, underneath the blade.

Please make sure you select the correct ThermoBrush to suit your Thermomix.

You can select the TM31 ( shown ) or the TM5 brush by using the drop down arrow on the PayPal button below. There is also an option for a TM31 & TM5 brush as a twin pack.

ThermoBrush Size

We also offer a bulk buy discount.

Buy ten and get $35 off only $154.90

Brush Size

TM5 Brush

If you wish to purchase a ThermoBrush from us, and you live in another country*, please contact us via the Contact Us page, or our Facebook Page Messenger.  *Postage Fees Apply


                                                                                    This is the TM31 brush

You can order me below!!

ThermoBrush Size

Happy Shopping


Our brush and website is not affiliated with Vorwerk or Thermomix in any way.

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